Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are the occurrence in the natural defence system also known as known as the immune system of the human body that helps fighting out the infections. The function of the immune system in the body is to safeguard the body from different viruses or bacteria by creating antibodies for fighting them away.

In the event of the allergic reactions, the body immune system starts fighting with particles that are usually harmless like dust mites, pollen or typical medicine, believing as if these elements were trying to attack the body. Such overreaction may result in developing skin rashes, itchy eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Anyway, the allergic reaction may not occur at the very first instance when you expose to the allergy-producing substance or element which is medically called the allergen. For instance, when you are stung by the bee for the very first time, you may experience pain and redness due to it, but when it stings you again, your body may develop hives or you may face difficulty breathing. This reaction is due to the response by the immune system.

Majority of the people usually face allergic problems at some typical junctures during their lives. The allergic reactions may actually vary from mild or moderate to irritating and abruptly life-threatening also. The milder types of allergic reactions could easily be treated at home for getting rid of its symptoms. But in case of the serious allergic reactions that cause other or abnormal problems such as nasal bleeding, ear disorders, wheezing or coughing or even when the home treatment is not properly responding. Allergies often occur with other ailments like asthma, ear infections, sinusitis and sleep disorders.

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