Disability Hate Crime

DisabilityHateCrime.org.uk was originally a website which aimed to become a place for people to come and find as much information and materials as possible for and about disability hate crimes. It was created to help both victims who have suffered from hate crimes, but also professionals and carers who worked in the area – with the goal of helping everyone to succeed.

Hate Crime

So what is a hate crime? They are an incident or crime which has been caused or perceived to have been caused by the perpetrator’s prejudice towards a group of people. It would also be a single person – but for it to be a hate crime the prejudice needs to be a factor as to why the group or person was victimised.

This means that any crime perceived to be motivated by the fact that someone is disabled, or even just thought to be disabled for whatever reason, by the victim or any other will be a hate crime. This crime could be committed against the person or their property, it does not matter.