Osteopathy helps

These are any ways in which osteopathy helps: Golfer’s/Tennis elbow Migraines/Headaches Postural pain Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis) Sciatica (and other nerve pain) Disc problems Acute/Chronic

Dealing with Asthma

Exercises: The asthma patients have irritated air passages so exercises may immediately trigger their asthma reactions more severely. Emotions: Emotions and asthma are directly linked

More about Penicillin

Such reactions usually occur abruptly after the exposure of penicillin especially in the highly sensitive people and may cause contraction of the airways, making breathing

Alcohol allergy

Alcohol allergy Though allergic reactions to alcohol are rarely reported, certain non-allergic adverse reactions to alcohol such as flushing, irritant reactions, toxic reactions as well


Allergic asthma is signified by the symptoms that are caused by allergic reactions. The allergic asthma is the obstruction of the airways and inflammation which