HIV-What is the way forward?

What is the way forward?

It is about time the youth started viewing HIV as just any other challenge, such that a young person who fails his college exams and one with HIV can freely talk about both scenarios, give each other words of encouragement and move on with life while tackling those problems.

Just the same way failure to get a place in a university or middle-level college is not a failure in life, it is the same way as having HIV, which is certainly not a death sentence. We have provided an online platform where young people can freely talk about HIV without any fear and the beauty of it all is that they can log in with whichever usernames they wish, just like on facebook and twitter in case they prefer anonymity.

We have a team of skilled counsellors who will be giving pieces of advice for those in the forum and experiences are shared and inspirational testimonies given by those young people who have not let their HIV status to determine their future.

A young person who fails to make it to college or university and gives up in life is worse off than a young person who is HIV positive but has never thought for a second about giving up.

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