We are not there yet

As much as we claim to live in a civilised society where we should not segregate people based on their medical condition, the truth of the matter is that there is still a considerable level of discrimination to persons suffering from some diseases, with HIV/Aids patient particularly sidelined.

Even more disturbing is the apparent lack of awareness among the young people of this country on how to live with their status as HIV infected persons. The society, in particular, has not made it easy for this group of people to feel as though they are part of it. You have probably heard of cases where a young person had quite a number of friends and lost them all or remained with either one or two as soon as he/she revealed his/her HIV status.

There is no questioning the fact that our young people are informed and have got all the education they need to know about HIV/Aids. However, for some unknown reason, quite a number of them still discriminate against their peers who have that medical condition. This is a typical case of being educated and not being learned. Furthermore, we advise you to always be aware of the importance of the symptoms of HIV.

Our future is at stake

These people are the future of this country and it is about time they learnt some virtues in the society such as being able to empathise with a sick person and being there for them instead of leaving them at their hour of need.

On the other hand, the young people of this great nation who have realised that they are HIV positive tend to isolate themselves for the very fear of discrimination. In isolated cases, some of them embark on the risky path of spreading the virus to unsuspecting friends.

All of these are brought about by a lack of an open forum where the youth can freely discuss their challenges in life and view HIV like just any other challenge they may encounter.

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