Scotland’s biggest threat to the country is the rising drug rate

For the past five years, there has been a rise in drug-related deaths across Scotland.

Scotland’s issue with drugs continues to worsen as each year goes by.

The rising poverty in Scotland is linked to the high number of people Scotland taking drugs and developing addictions.

Poverty and drugs

Many people in Scotland think it is cheaper to buy drugs rather than get help for their drug addiction.

Due to the Alcohol and Drug Partnerships cuts that occurred in 2015, it has been much harder for people to attend drug rehab for their addiction.

Many people may see drugs as an issue that only affects working-class people.

While working-class people are likely to experience a lack of access to resources, they are not the only people who get help for drug addiction.

The stigma around drug addiction also causes people to not want to get help.

How do people view addiction?

The most common stigma associated with experiencing drug addiction is mostly negative.

  • Lack of desire to get better
  • Being lazy and only wanting to take drugs
  • Poorly educated and unhygenic
  • Being poor or working-class

By viewing addiction in a negative light, it makes it harder for people to get better.

While some people may be new to understanding the facts behind addictions and only rely on the negative stigma as the only information they are aware of, they must unlearn the stigma to encourage people to get help.

By unlearning the stigma, it helps addicts overcome one barrier and make the next step towards getting help.

Treating an addiction

There are different treatment methods available for different types of addicts.

While drugs may impact people in the same way – no two addicts are the same.

And they should not be treated the same if their experiences are different.

Some people may choose to attend inpatient residential rehab.

Others may choose to attend rehab as an outpatient.

Regardless of how you get help, the important thing is that you do get help.

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